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a stuffed friend

October 5, 2012

On Sunday I was going through some stuff (organizing I swear!) when I happened upon some fabric that I had cut out a year ago for a project. It was to be an owl toy for my daughter. I made my very first owl for my son 2.5 years ago and one for practically every friend since then.  I decided that this one had waited long enough and I was going to finish it. I dusted off my sewing machine (poor thing hasn’t seen any action in months) and got to work.

The kids had some daddy time while I swore at my machine. Ahem.

Fast forward past all the anxiety and cursing……………………I ended up with my favourite owl yet, besides my first (my sons) which will always have a special place in my heart! It’s totally imperfect and I love it.

brown floral owl

I love it. But best of all, Miss Boo was thrilled to pieces to have it. She LOVES it.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see my children use and love the things I have made for them. She smiles every time she sees her new owl. That right there gives meaning to my very existence. <3

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