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it seems as though fall is here

September 14, 2012
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I’ve been neglecting my blog again. Go figure.

Autumn is upon us and I’m quickly realizing, for the first time in my life, how much I love the changing seasons. The cool air, the changing leaves, the garden harvest, and the bit of excitement in the air as we begin to prepare for the colder half of the year. I have always hated winter, and being cold. I am only now realizing what a blessing it is to slow down and feel the changes around us.

I am so looking forward to:

  • hot soups and stews
  • warm socks
  • fire
  • reading
  • lots of cuddling
  • spinning
  • knitting, of course!

I have so many knitting projects that I want to start (and finish) I can hardly contain myself. I have at least 6 WIP’s at the present moment and I want to cast on at least 6 more….ahem. I’ve made a deal with myself…I’m allowed to cast on 1 project for every 1 WIP that I finish. Yes, I’m that ADD.

In other fall news, I’m loooonging for a house of our own. I want SO BAD to be able to plan for a garden, send the kids outside into their own back yard, curl up by a fireplace or woodstove, decorate the way we really want, paint the kids rooms, maybe have a dog and some chickens, and just be in our own house. For now I can just dream of all that. I can also plan on the perfect art/craft room for myself (and the kids)!

This cooler weather has me planning already. Miss Boo will turn 1 in just a month, there will be our first Halloween that we get to celebrate as a family and Mr. O will be 3 before Christmas! I have so much to think about. But even amongst all the busyness I am loving, for the first time, the slowing of the pace (just a little) and the time to pause and reflect during the coming darkness…

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