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more dyeing going on

June 15, 2012

This past weekend I experimented on a couple new colourways for my shop and came up with some beauties! Both skeins are 100% silk 2-ply lace.

The first one is a gorgeous intense teal with a dark, almost black, overdye. I named it Dark Pool.

I really think it turned out beautifully. The colour is so rich and is gorgeous in the sun.


My second skein is my most prized one yet. I am sooo proud of how it turned out. It has already received quite a few compliments! It was a custom dye for a friend of mine and I’m so glad I took really good notes because it’s a keeper. Inspired by seashells……

I try not to go all “OH LOOK AT WHAT I DID!” but yeah…today is an exception. So, LOOK AT WHAT I DID!!!!!!! ISN’T IT AWESOME?! lol. I am so freakin happy with this skein I almost don’t want to sell it.


But hey, I can make more of these!!! MORE!

There are approx. 1000 yards in each of these skeins, and the price will be $30. I will definitely be dyeing up some more this weekend to add to my shop!

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  1. April permalink
    June 15, 2012 4:17 pm

    omg i might cry if you don’t sell it lol…wait till you see what i do with it…the tricky bit will be getting pictures that do it justice…trey and i have been discussing colours for another shawl…it looks like a dragon wing…the man has been warned lmao….12 shawls in all…as much as it pains me i shall be frogging the phoenix shawl as i messed it up and it bothers the hell out of me…so guess where i’ll be going with that colour lol…when you come visit i am bringing my computer to show you the shawls and discuss colours….again the man has been warned lmao…you did an absolutely amazing job on the seashell colourway…my hook is patiently finishing some projects….two more weeks…OMG

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