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April 6, 2012

I feel a little bit better this week. I got myself a daily planner (only 3 months late…) and already I feel more organized and a tiny bit more in control. Not to mention I finally have a place to write all those kiddo milestones. Mr. O has even recorded some of his feelings into my planner in the form of scribbles, haha. It feels so good to have a place to record lists, events and plans.

Speaking of plans, I have some of those coming up soon! In order to do that I have decided to let some ‘stuff’ go in my life. Spring cleaning I guess you could say. One of my favourite things to do ever. My house could do with a thorough cleaning and a good garage sale to get some clutter out of my midst. I’m also going to be getting rid of some non-tangible things…some feelings and emotions in order to allow room for the ones that are going to serve me better.

After some careful thought I have decided to re-open my Stationary Nomad Studios, but I’m going to set my goals at a more reachable/manageable level this time . I set the bar so high for myself last time that I got overwhelmed and let the whole thing go. I may try with Etsy again but I’m going to focus more locally at first. I will reveal more in the next week or so, but I will say that it has to do with my love of fiber. :)

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