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the making of a doll – part 2

July 13, 2011

I’m thinking this is going to be a 5 part series lol.

So far I have shaped the head.

yep, that's going to be a dolls head.

starting to look a little more like a head...

I know right? Wow. In 2 weeks I have managed to start the dolls head. But I’m telling you, this is way more labour intensive than I had originally anticipated. Also I do not have doll skin fabric or cotton interlock so I decided to tea stain some plain white T-shirt material and it was all going so well….but then not. The T-shirt material is not stretchy enough and it wrinkles too easily making it not ideal for covering the dolls face, at all.

So here I sit and wait with a creepy doll head until we can get some tricot fabric.

And then I had an idea…! There’s a fabulous lady in my city that makes these dolls all the time and she has to have the fabric! Maybe she will sell some to me? She teaches doll making classes (that I have wanted to take since like, forever) but never had the money. So I call her up and tell her all my doll making problems and she says “well I do trades you know! For classes.”

Hmm what could I possibly trade this talented lady that she couldn’t already do herself…

Me:  ::silently gasping and freaking out a little inside:: “Well I do have 40lbs of gorgeous carded grey wool that I got from my grandmas place…..”

Her: “REALLY??!!”

And so now I’m all happy and prancy ‘over a doll’…..(in my husbands words). So I’m going to give her a batt of wool in exchange for her helping me finish my doll.Yay!

I’m so freaking excited. Over a doll.

Oh and the best part…….this:


Doll hair!!

I happened upon a lady spinning fiber at a fair over the weekend and I HAD to have this. It’s a combination of wool, alpaca and cotton dyed in dandelion and something I can’t remember at the moment but it’s gorgeous. Adam was just about as excited as I was……..hahahaha! Not quite.

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