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the making of a doll – part 1

June 30, 2011

We are headed off to visit my grandparents this weekend finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for almost 2 years. The huz has taken a whole week off work and I’m just thrilled to spend some quality relaxed time in the country with my family. My grandma and I are going to work on a project during our time there, something I have been wanting and waiting to do for a long time! We’re going to make a (boy) doll for Mr. O. Something special just for him. Perfect timing for the upcoming arrival of his new little sibling sometime this fall. It’s going to be more or less a Waldorf doll completely handmade with all natural materials, stuffed with pure wool and a simple neutral face. This is going to be such a cool thing to do with my grandma for her great-grandson. She is an incredibly talented artist and craftswoman and I’m sooooo proud to have that maternal lineage running through my veins!

So for this project I have packed a few materials I think would be cool to have while we are there, just some fabric for doll clothes and some yarn that I might possibly use for the hair. My grandma’s craft room is bigger than my dining room, living room and kitchen put together and you can imagine how much stuff she has in that space…..

Anyway for this doll, instead of winging it I have decided to buy a pattern. I searched everywhere for the one and finally came across this Etsy seller. So affordable and such cute dolls! It’s exactly what I want.

I’m so excited to share in pictures how this doll comes together for us! I will be taking tons of pictures on this trip of our adventures but there’s a good chance I wont be able to post until we get back next week. I will have so much to blog about!

Stay tuned….

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  1. June 30, 2011 2:44 pm

    Hi Sara,
    I love the pattern you linked! Sapphire loves her doll I made, but it’s pretty imperfect, the neck is a bit floppy and the body not quite the shape I wanted, the hair keeps coming unsewn with the tutorial method I used. So, I really appreciate a pattern, I hope to make her a new one for Christmas.

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