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June 29, 2011

I spent 6 hours this past weekend organizing my space yet again. It’s been severely neglected and covered with stacks of useless paper and and all kinds of crap over the months. I can’t believe I haven’t made anything since I found out I was pregnant…that’s a long time. With the nausea and extreme fatigue this time around the last thing I wanted to do was make something. Now that I’m feeling more myself I am dying to get started on something. Or maybe I should finish something….I think I had like 46 projects on the go at one point lol. Yeah that’s a good idea.

it’s nice to finally ‘see’ my sewing machine again

I have always loved when things were organized and in order, ever since I was little. I can’t work in a chaotic environment. Things look better when they are neat and arranged. Like my fabrics for example…..I took great pains to fold these suckers in just the right way. Plus they are organized in ‘boy’ colours and ‘girl’ colours. Uh huh.

fabric corner

Today I took out my box of vintage and not-so-vintage patterns.

collection of patterns dating back to the 30’s and all the way up to today, some cut from old newspaper during WWII

This box of patterns makes me so happy. There are vintage apron patterns in here! My favourite one is a Dutch apron pattern but there are no notes, directions or anything to explain how to put it together. I need a seamstress or someone who is knowledgeable on the mechanics of patterns to help me with it. This box is so full of inspiration though. I’m looking for ideas on what I should make next (after my 46 other unfinished projects that is….yeah) and I really really want to make little girly dresses but I still don’t know if I’m having a girl or not. Baby was completely uncooperative and refused to show us the goods. :( Sigh…I guess I just have to make something gender neutral again. I’m thinking maybe a quilt for baby #2? Something funky and fun with all kinds of colours that will work for a child too, not just a baby. Something like this. Obviously going to be different but I like the way it is put together. So fun!

I have so many projects to finish that have been waiting and waiting. This one…………..

vintage pajamas case

I found this in an old box of my baby clothes. It was unfinished/un-embroidered and waiting for me to pick the colours. I’ve been meaning to give this to Mr. O for quite some time now. It’s the cutest thing. You put your PJ’s into it when you wake up in the morning and put it on your bed or under your pillow for bedtime. I so need to make another for baby #2!

Also, the coolest thing ever!!! My grandmother is gifting me her wonderful serger to take home this weekend!! Oh the projects I can make in half the time! Thank you grandma! I’ve been all wanty for a serger for I don’t know how long now, my dreams are coming true. No joke though, I’m pretty damn excited. The only thing that poses a slight, minor problem is where I will put this wonderful contraption……Do the kids really need their own room?!

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  1. June 30, 2011 2:48 pm

    I love love the embroidery. Hopefully despite all the craziness I will be able to find something just right for you and this baby gifting…getting ideas about your tastes.

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