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the goddess doll

April 19, 2011

This weekend I went to a goddess doll making class put on by an artsy friend of mine! I left the boys to fend for themselves while I spent almost 6 hours away in creative bliss. The process was very relaxed and everyone ended up with a doll that in some way represented themselves. Each one was unique and so different from the next! I had a blast.

In the end mine morphed into a bellydancing fertility mama with shimmy-able boobs and long flowing medusa hair. Me in so many ways. There are also a group of roses on her hip which are very very special to me. I belly dance, I’m currently pregnant, my hair is very medusa-like in the mornings, and minus the shimmy-able boobs at the present moment this doll is very representative of me hahaha!

She’s got a shell for a vagina and an altar charm representing the uterus. The details are hard to capture on camera. She is pretty special and almost exactly what I had pictured when I started, only better!

I totally can’t wait to do another workshop like this. It was so inspiring.

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