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sweet violet

February 20, 2011

In addition to the many wonderful non-tangible and tangible gifts I received today for my birthday, one was simply touching…an heirloom handkerchief  that my great grandmother once held in her hands. The hand stitched flowers on one corner are elegant and detailed and beautifully done. It’s my birth flower, the violet.

There is something sweet about holding something that someone you never met once held. So much thought and work was put into this little item to make it pretty. Someone valued it and spent time on it. It could have easily been forgotten over the years and discarded. What a loss that would have been.  It makes me think, what will happen to the things I have made in my lifetime? Will they find their way to someone who will value the love and effort I put into it? It makes me sad how many things are just thrown away without a second thought as to who made it and why. So little thought is put into ‘things’ nowadays that it makes these finds a treasure.

This little piece of cloth will be framed and given the attention it deserves. It’s very special to me. I think one of my biggest fears in life is being forgotten. I cannot let that happen to the people that were here before me either. I feel that I need to preserve as much of the past, and the people who lived in it, as I can. It would be a tragedy otherwise. My only hope is that one day one of my great grandchildren will hold onto something I made, and value it.

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