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new diaper cover

January 22, 2011

I’m headed to a Blessingway this weekend (more on that later) and the gift I’m bringing is a knitted-by-me wool felted diaper cover. I’m going to hand embroider an intactivist saying on the bum for this one. I am using eco wool in natural for the whole diaper and black wool for the lettering. I’m knitting it about 4 sizes too big for a newborn so when it felts it will be a nice size (hopefully a little bigger than newborn).  Wool is naturally water repellent and anti-bacterial and because it going to be be felted it will be dense and contain the leaks nicely.

I’m totally excited about this and I’m already thinking about making more. I’m actually taking orders so if you want one, message me! Starting at $35 (unfelted). I can do one with the intactivist logo as well! Also, for every diaper sold I will donate $2 to Saving Penises aka Saving Our Sons. I will take pictures as I make it and post them here, so stay tuned!

ETA: All finished and gifted!

the embroidery shifted a bit during the felting process but it still looks good and the recipient loved it!

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