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the stitch kittens

November 10, 2010

Last night a friend picked me up to take me to our ‘new and improved’ knitting group. We started it in the spring and decided that the summer was too busy for everyone to keep going so we took a break. It started up again last month and I’m so glad to have the chance to get out for a couple hours every week or so. We call ourselves the Stitch Kittens lol. It’s cute I like it.

We meet up on Tuesday nights at a local coffee shop and we knit and chat, or stitch and bitch as some like to call it lol. I just love the adult interaction lol! Being able to get a few more rows done, on whatever project I’m working on, is nice too. Right now I’m working on a little gnome hat for a friends’ 8 month old son, Cooper. The wool is a heathered black and so nice to work with. I think I might make Mr. O another hat out of it and maybe do a stripe out of some green or blue heather wool.

I love knitting. There’s just not enough time to knit everything I want. Actually there’s not enough time to make everything I want! I have way too many projects going at once, all the time. I like knitting though because I don’t feel bad if it’s unfinished. It’s nice just to pick it up, knit a few rows, put it down somewhere and then come back to it when I feel like it. It’s an ongoing thing, and for some reason that makes me happy. My knitting group makes me happy.

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