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the kitchen experiment(s)

November 10, 2010

One of my friends introduced me to the idea of kefir awhile back and got me totally interested in trying it out.  I put the word out and a lovely lady at my local mamas group gave me some water kefir grains and I am hooked! It’s taken a couple weeks to get it working but it tastes great and from everything I have read it’s soooooo good for you. It’s also neat to watch it ‘fermenting’.  I would love to try some milk kefir as well and am looking for someone to possibly trade with. There’s a possibility that I may get a kombucha scoby as well in a few weeks! That will be so cool. My kitchen is now a lab of sorts lol. I have kefir grains fermenting on the counter and sourdough doing it’s thing in my fridge. I’m constantly baking bread (which I adore by the way!) and I’m loving the idea of making things myself instead of buying them at the store. And it’s sooo gooooood for you!

My amazing grandmother gave me one of her bread recipes to try out so as soon as my other bread runs out I’m going to make a batch of hers. I’m starting to get the hang of kneading and I’m learning lots about caring for the dough, how warm, how long to rise etc. Adam loves having fresh bread and it’s almost therapeutic for me in many ways, it’s very grounding. It brings me back to the present and gives me the sense that I accomplished something. Some days it feels (or looks like) like I have done nothing and having fresh homemade bread just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside again.

I’ve also joined a milk co-op with some of the mamas, and each week we take turns going out to a local dairy farm to get whole, raw-ish, ‘local’, organic milk for everyone in the group.  It’s so incredibly cheap when you think about it!! And I love the idea that every few weeks we get to go early in the morning to the farm to pick up our order for the week.  I gotta say I CAN’T WAIT to make my own butter and yogurt!! I feel like a radical homemaker. For every little thing I learn to do by myself, that’s something else that I don’t have to depend on someone else to do for me. I’m excited to get back in touch with the food I eat.  It’s also good to know I’m making a small difference by supporting a local family farm in the process.

Some of the mamas and I want to start a ‘tribe’ where we all get together once a week and help each other cook, clean, bake, take turns caring for children, etc. How cool is that?! I can’t wait to see how much we can get done when there’s more than just one person. It does take a village. This community has really surprised me the past year with it’s little pockets of like-minded people. I love the people I’ve been so fortunate to meet so far.

So tomorrow I get to pick up my first milk order from the mamas group and I’m going to attempt to make my first batch of yogurt! I guess I’ll see how it goes!

~ Today I’m thankful for a great group of friends and a great community. :) ~

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