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Owl Plushies :)

August 3, 2010

Remember that owl toy I made O about 3 months ago?

my first owl, very primitive but O loves it.

Well I was asked if I would be making more and if I would sell them.  Of course I said yes lol. Well in the past week and a half I have made 3 owls and prepped 4 more. I have 3 people wanting to buy one and I’m all excited that they seem to be taking off all of a sudden. I’m working on streamlining the process and hope to get about 3-5 done per week.

Owl #2

They are each unique, stuffed with pure wool, hand embroidered and made with looooove (and if my sewing machine is acting up then a few swears too, but please be assured that this does not affect the overall loving quality of the owl). Each one is different but they are all approx. 8 inches high and about 6-7 inches wide. I just love making these. Some are ‘sleeping’, others look like they have had about 4 shots of espresso….they are all pretty fun. Each one has a little heart embroidered on it’s bum.


<3 on every bum

Let me know if you are interested in one. I would love to do some custom orders too!  I may list a few on Etsy just to see how they do and will offer free shipping in North America. I think the price will mainly be around $35 each. Email me with any questions at

finished owls so far

Wait till you see what else I’m working on!

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