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Wool love

April 28, 2010

Last week at my mama’s group a lady came in to teach us all how to make our very own little Waldorf baby dolls. Needless to say, I am now quite in love with this new found craft. For 2 years I have been swooning over the dolls over at Bamboletta and honestly would love to get one for my little guy (or hell, me!) one day, however, the thought of actually learning how to make one is really appealing to me. You know me, I’m the one who needs to know a bit of everything. I’m just not satisfied with one hobby, interest, subject in life (thankfully I AM satisfied with my man, whom I love very much lol). I need to go out from this plane of existence knowing at least one thing about everything lol….

So onto these dolls, what’s not to love? Seriously. They incorporate everything I love into one craft, oh my god the possibilities are endless. I can do everything from dyeing the wool and spinning the yarn for hair to knitting and sewing clothing to embroidering funky art onto the clothes. The lady that showed us how to make the baby doll teaches a class on making the bigger 15 and 18inch dolls.  I most certainly plan on going!

I have been working on so many different projects and I love every minute of it. I like to have more than one project going at the same time because if I need a break from one I can just go to another. My teachers in school always hated my inability to stick to one thing lol. I’m quite fine with it. I have a sweater in the works, a stuffed owl, 2 sets of Mothers Day embroidery projects, yarn to dye and some bracelets I’m working on. Adam thinks I’m nuts, but I’m ok with that too.

This morning I called and placed an order for 4lbs of beautiful natural wool roving with a company in PA called West Earl Woolen Mill. The lady was SO sweet and helpful on the phone. They do not have a website, you actually have to call them on the old fashioned telephone! I did some research and they are by far the best price I have ever seen for wool. Roving is usually around a few dollars per ounce and these guys sell it for like $5-6 per lb! So with shipping my whole order came to $35 for 4lbs. I’m so excited to get it I can’t control myself! There is so much I can do. Felting, spinning, dyeing, stuffing! If there was such a thing as yarn porn, this would be it. I think I might be their new best customer! The huz is going to kill me….:D

I can’t wait to post the pics of my new huge ball of wool when it comes in!

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