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My newest knits

April 16, 2010

This past week I have been busy working on a few new knitting projects and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. I’m getting much faster at my knitting, however I’m actually trying to switch methods before I get too used to the one I started with. I learned the English method of knitting first and I really wish I had learned the Continental method, it’s much more efficient and requires less hand movement.

I made Mr. O a little hat out of some wonderful teal blue wool yarn. I must say it is one cute hat! I worked it in the round using the magic loop method and it was so neat to not have to sew 2 halves together. I’m not a big fan of seaming knitted pieces so far because it looks so….seamed. My knitting group meets this weekend and I’m hoping to get a few tips from them on making seams less noticeable.

Magic loop method

Mr. O pulling his new hat over his face

I had so much fun making it! It’s a little bit big on him right now which is fine but he will grow into it and hopefully it will fit him perfectly this fall. He is such a cute little hat model!

Looking cute

The Second Half Syndrome that I seem to be suffering from is starting to get better I think because I have more than one project on the go at one time. Second Half Syndrome or SHS is when you just can’t bear the thought of having to make the exact same piece of something you just finished, whether it be the second sock, second sleeve or second half of your project. I get bored very easily and for me the thought of making something entirely new seems much more exciting. This is why I have at least 5 projects going at any given time, so that when I return to the first project I feel good about it again. Speaking of other projects,  I also started a pair of baby leg warmers…we’ll see how long the second one takes me haha!

The first of 2 (hopefully) baby leg warmers

The yarn is awesome. It’s a self striping wool sock yarn that apparently felts really well too. I’m working this project in the round on double pointed needles because it’s small. It’s the first time I have used DPN’s and so far it’s not quite as scary as it looks. Took a few practice tries though before I got the hang of it.

Working in the round

Wool is by far the nicest fiber to work with. It feels so natural and warm and it’s breathable, perfect for baby clothes, and everyone else too. It just makes me happy. Sheep make me happy. I love ogling yarn in a store, all the pretty colours, and stuffing my fingers in a hank of wool. Mr. O seemed intrigued by my yarn the other day while I was knitting so I let him have it for a bit and he was amazed at how it felt in his fingers. He was smiling and making noises and petting the yarn, it was too cute! I think I’m going to have to wind him his own little ball of yarn for when I’m knitting and he’s wanting to take part.

Mothers Day is coming up and I almost forgot that I get to celebrate it this year. If anyone out there wants to get me a Mothers Day gift, please buy me a sheep! No really! I would love a sheep. I promise to feed him and cuddle him…..and shave him for my wool needs…..but I will keep him warm don’t worry!

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