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I baked bread!

April 2, 2010
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I really didn’t know I had it in me. You always hear how time consuming and finicky it is to bake your own bread but this was so easy and super fun. Not to mention satisfying because I don’t think bread will be one of the items on our next grocery list. I made a whole batch of master dough and with that I can make loaves, rolls, naan, focaccia and a number of other items and I can keep the dough in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!

master batch of bread dough

I found a great recipe for artisan bread here. You make a whole batch (which I believe took me a whole 15 minutes), store it in the fridge and take off however much you want to make each day. The wonderful thing about this bread recipe too is that is acquires a sourdough character after a few days of storage. You can even be lazy and not wash out the container and make the next batch in it so it will mature faster. I’m simply in love with the fact I can have fresh bread everyday.

Reminds me of my grandma again and the smell of the house every time she bakes bread. She would always let me bake a mini child’s loaf when I went to visit as a kid. I think she even asked me a couple years ago when I went to visit if I’d like a kiddy loaf again haha. As soon as the loaves came out of the oven we would slice off a piece and slather it with copious amounts of butter….Ok, maybe it was just me that overdid the butter lol. She would usually stand there with her hands on her hips and roll her eyes at me and laugh.

So for the first batch of bread last night I made naan and it turned out fantastic! It had the stamp of approval from the huz so that’s a plus. Today I’m going to bake a loaf of bread which should last a couple days and homemade pizza for tonight’s dinner. I can’t wait to see how the flavour of the bread changes over the next few days. I’m totally excited about the prospect of never buying bread again. I’m already thinking of all the great stuff I’m going to put in it. Flax, sunflower seeds, herbs, spices…mmmmm.

I was thinking too that I would like to get a baking stone eventually but then I saw that someone used a cast iron pan for their bread and I am trying that today. I have a beautiful big flat cast iron pan that would be perfect for baking bread on. It’s warming in the oven as I write this and my loaf is resting before it goes in.  There is a winter storm watch for today and tomorrow and I can’t think of a better way to keep warm than with a slice of fresh warm bread with butter and some tea.

Dough resting before it goes into the oven

Fresh bread and butter…mmmmm!

The bread turned out perfect with a crunchy yet perfectly chewy crust and moist and soft inside, quite like the artisan bread you pay $4 – $5 for in the store! This loaf wont last long me thinks….

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