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Another addictive craft

March 29, 2010

My elephant design for Mr. O’s plain white shirt

Oh my god just when I thought crafting couldn’t get any better I found freezer paper stenciling! Soooo much fun I’m telling you!

Giraffe design in the works

The process is so simple it’s almost disgusting. Draw and cut out whatever shape you want onto freezer paper, iron the shiny side down onto the fabric, fill in with fabric paint, wait at least 4 hours and peel off…and voila! Gorgeous unique art on fabric!! All the designs I have done so far are my own from right outta my head and are hand cut. I’m surprisingly really proud of my simple little projects. They are so satisfying and easy! I made a little onesie for my friend who just had her little baby girl right on my birthday no less! It’s a picture of a little baby quail with a “q”. I think she is going to like it.

Littlest baby quail onesie

I also made some ‘leaf bum’ pants for Mr. O. They are way too cute!

Mr. O’s ‘leaf bum’ pants

and a close up of the leaf……

The leaf detail

Right now I’m working on a giraffe on one of the pant legs. I am having sickening amounts of fun with my new found craft. I think Adam is beginning to wonder how much of our monthly budget will soon be going towards my arts and crafts addiction lol. Actually the one thing I love is that most of my projects really require little money. It’s thrilling to make something that costs hardly anything. It’s very satisfying. I am the first to admit I love shopping for arts/crafts supplies though. There’s a little bit of everything in my craft stash now. I could probably make just about anything that I can think of. This freezer paper stenciling is one of my favorite things to do right now. All it requires is a little time (nice because I can usually get at least one project done while Mr. O is sleeping),  a $4 roll of Reynolds freezer paper (which should last until he is about 2 lol), a couple dollars worth of fabric paint, a brush and an exacto knife and a cutting mat. I don’t think I will be buying baby clothes with any logos on them anymore. Not only is it way more fun to make my own but I can make anything I want, it’s completely unique and it’s way cheaper. I am running out of blank clothing though….

Close up of the little giraffe on the pant leg


Giraffe on the pant leg because HEY it was blank fabric!

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