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My somewhat recent knitting addiction -March 15th, 2010

March 19, 2010

I taught myself to knit last year when I found out I was pregnant with Orin and ohh I have found a new love. What I once thought was an old lady craft is like the coolest thing on the planet to me now. I’m telling you, I will one day be able to make anything. For now I’m about as good at knitting as I am at blogging……

At the moment I’m attempting to make a baby sweater, my first real knitting project. All of my previous projects I did without a pattern. They all worked out to various degrees of niceness. I’m excited about this sweater and I hope it turns out the way it was intended. I joined a knitting group basically made up of some of the women in my mamas group. We meet on Sundays and I’m totally elated to learn from everyone there. All I can say is “yay!”…more cool like-minded people to hang out with.

My yarn stash is quite impressive for a beginner, much to the dismay of Adam who thinks I spend entirely way too much on ‘string’.  I love colour. It’s a personal goal to find any and all colours and textures to use for projects for my little boy. I like the challenge. It’s not as easy to find clothes and patterns for boys as it is for girls. I love the boyish colours. Greens, blues, grays, browns and naturals. I can’t wait to learn new knitting techniques so I can make some of the many items I have queued on my ravelry page.

Here’s some projects I’m currently working on…..

Orin’s baby sweater in the works. Love this yarn!

A random stitch scarf for Orin for next winter. It’s almost done and I’m trying to design a series of stitches to spell ‘ORIN’ on the end.

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