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Long time no post -November 24th, 2009

March 19, 2010

Boy has it been awhile since I have last posted. No excuses really, I’m just lazy, and besides it’s not like I have people that actually read this!! Right? So yeah I have nobody to answer to and if I do, well I apologize lol.

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with our first child (a surprise!) and let me tell you this pregnancy has been a challenge lol. Everything from brutal heartburn to nausea, extreme back pain and a numb belly…..yeah, it’s been fun! I can’t wait for it to be over and we get to meet this little person! He or she has been quite entertaining. It knows when daddy is getting home and loves his voice. Sticks it’s little foot way out my right side. He or she also loves my Tibetan singing bowl, goes nuts actually! We are so excited.

My time has been spent researching everything from cloth diapers to gentle discipline and much in between. I have been trying my hand at sewing cloth diapers and little pants. I have so many ideas for so many things I can make my head spins. First things first though, I really want to know whether it’s a boy or a girl so I can start on some more personal stuff. The crafty artsy goddess in me is dying to get out.

As for the actual birthing aspect of things, I’m pretty nervous I guess. I really don’t have long now, I could go any day. I really want it to be a private affair but Adam insists that everyone know when I go into labour. I’m not entirely happy about that. My stress level goes way up when I think of people intruding on my birth space or wanting to hold my baby right away. I need my own bonding time and I don’t care for other people’s opinions on thinking it’s ‘their right’ to have access to my baby. We will not be answering the phone or the door for a week and that is that. I want rest and help. Not me entertaining while other people hold our baby thinking that they are helping me by ‘taking over’. If you wanna help, make me dinner and clean up and let me and the baby bond. This is the one thing that has stressed me out over anything else this entire pregnancy. Family. I am not having this baby for anyone else. It is not ‘theirs’. I am the mother, Adam is the father, we will decide what is best for our child. Whew!

The other major stress is the Green card application. I have not been home since April and we were planning on having the baby in Canada but that is not going to happen now and I am extremely upset about it. I wanted this baby to have dual citizenship and now we will have to jump through more hoops just to do that. I did NOT want to have a baby in the US for many reasons that I wont get into. Main one being we have to pay for it here. Stupid! I miss my family and friends and Canada! It took until I was almost 34 weeks pregnant to get onto Adam’s medical insurance here. My back is screwed because I couldn’t see a chiropractor for over 10 months. My goodness I have so much to vent about. lol.

Alright, enough for today. I will be back another time with some happy posts!

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