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Clean sweep

March 19, 2010

Well this morning, while Orin was having his nap, I managed to get together 4 boxes of stuff for Goodwill.

Items for Goodwill

It feels great to have that much more room in our home. I’m using every moment I have today to get stuff out of this house that doesn’t serve us well. I’m being brutal and even getting rid of a lot of the plastic containers in our house and I will be replacing them with glass jars (that’s a whole nother post!). I believe in a toxic free home and I just don’t want anything in here anymore that doesn’t contribute to a safe environment for my family. Almost all of my household cleaners are completely non toxic and environmentally safe, there’s just a few left that I need to get rid of. I have all natural recipes for every cleaning product you could want. I will make some and do a post about that soon with pictures!

It’s beautiful outside today so the doors will be open to let the fresh air in. I love spring! And spring cleaning believe it or not! I’m a clean/neat freak and have been my whole life. I do have this weird tendency however to try and do everything all at once and not in sections like normal people. So I’m flying around the house doing a few things and then find something that goes in another room. So I take it to where it belongs and next thing I know I’m doing something else in the next room. I always end up back in the first room…and somehow it works. I end up with a clean and organized house. Not everyone can handle that I know lol.

So today I’m also taking before shots of my disaster of a house then hopefully by tomorrow or Sunday I will have some after shots of a beautifully organized home. Whoever reads this blog should be forewarned that I’m not kidding about my house in it’s current state….it’s pretty messy. Please don’t think I like it this way, after all that’s why I’m blogging about cleaning it! lol. Also I want to get pictures for proof of how I don’t want it to look. Then we can move forward and learn to live in a place where everything has a place and everything looks like it belongs. The way I see it is if I don’t want to dust it, it needs to go. The less dust collecting crap the better. I will never be a hoarder.

Messy craft area

So here’s a picture of my craft area….it desperately needs some attention. It’s such a tiny spot to begin with and I have too many art and craft supplies to fit in the unit. I’m still not sure where it’s all going to go, but I will find a spot.

Our messy living room

Our disaster of a living room.  I guess it’s actually not that bad…more craft stuff on the coffee table and papers that need to be organized and stuff that needs to go. It shouldn’t take long, but I do want to get rid of some crap in the corners.

Yes that’s my baby sleeping on the floor.

Orin's messy room

Orin’s room is mostly laundry and boxes for storage. This room will be easy.

We both had a lot of stuff when we moved in with each other but we are constantly getting rid of more and more. I have always loved a clean minimalistic space but it’s hard to get others on board sometimes. It’s a constant job to keep on top of everything but we are doing not too bad. Hey at least these pictures should make you (whoever you are) feel better about the current state of your own house!!

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