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Life of a Student Mom

May 3, 2015

It’s hard.


I have almost completed my first year of college while simultaneously staying home with three small children. Let me tell you, it’s not easy. I didn’t get much sleep before, now I find myself staying up until 1 or 2 am to finish a paper and then getting up at 6 or 7 (after waking up every hour or two for various reasons) and gearing up for a full day of kids and more homework. I haven’t had much time to do anything else.

It’s hard.

I get overwhelmed, angry, emotional, and I often wonder if I’m doing the right thing.

I feel selfish for going back while my kids are so young.

I second guess myself every day.

I wonder if I’m ruining my kids.

All that shit.

Right now I am doing homework on a TV tray while sitting on a camp chair in my livingroom.  My livingroom is stacked full of boxes while we wait to find a new place to move. Homework and kids aren’t easy to begin with…..try doing it all in the midst of chaos.


But hey, there is some goodness to this as well!

-I’m learning a ton.

-I’m finally doing what I have been dreaming of doing since I was about 5.

-I’m using my brain. I’m sure moms everywhere will understand that one…

-I’m teaching my kids about the value of education, and I’m modeling hard work.

-I made the President’s Honor Roll.

-In 6 more years I will end up with my dream job.

-I will probably end up with more money than I know what to do with.

-Scratch that last one! Sailboat.


It will all be worth it in the end, right? I think so….that’s why I keep on going. I want to be one of those successful people. I want to achieve my goals. I want to show my kids that anything is possible. I also want to be a good mom. This shit is not easy. My advice would be to finish school before kids….because SERIOUSLY, it would be so. much. easier. If I had a couple hours every day to do my studying – UNINTERRUPTED – I could get an insane amount done. But hey, the saying goes if you want something done, give it to a busy person. So true. It seems like the busier I get in life, the more I get done.

So yeah, college moms rock. We know how to get shit done – and keep everyone alive!


End of semester!

December 12, 2014

I finished my semester in college with all A’s and managed to get some time in to dye yarn this week. Here’s just a few of the lot! I sold a few of these at a craft fair today but the rest will be up in my shop soon!


Follow Your Dreams

June 5, 2014

20% off everything in my shop to help me go back to college!

I’m going back to school! It’s been a long time coming but I have decided that I need to follow my dreams and pursue my goals.

To help myself accomplish my goal I am having a sale in my shop until midnight on Friday the 13th………20% off everything in my shop!! Get going on that summer shawl with some fingering weight yarn or start on your fall/winter wear or Christmas gifts now with some worsted or bulky weight! It’s all on sale! Enter coupon code: FYD20

Every little bit helps! I will be working my way through college, dyeing yarn to get there! I am so excited to pursue something that has captivated me for my whole life and I can’t wait to get started. I will be studying Hydro-Geology and Glaciology. A lot of  science, (chemistry and physics) and math!!

Please share this sale with your yarny friends!!

006e 002e


shop sale!

May 16, 2014

I want to clear some inventory out of my Etsy shop so I’m having a sale!! A ‘Thank Goodness It’s A Beautiful Friday Sale’!

Use coupon code: TGIF2014 for 15% off your purchase. Good until Sunday (the 18th) at midnight Pacific time. Happy weekend!!

Here is some of what’s in my shop right now…..


Ursula’s Ink



Bottled Morning Sunlight






Enchanted Valley




This weekend only 15% off!! Go forth and knit!

super bulky singles

April 1, 2014

I have a new yarn base as of this week! Single ply, super bulky superwash Merino. It is gorgeous stuff! 82 yards per 100g (3.6oz) skein. It has a bit of a sheen and takes the dye beautifully with a bit of halo. It will be listed this Thursday, April 3rd in my shop along with some more worsted!

Here is a peek at it un-dyed:



and in the dyepot:




worsted weight

March 14, 2014

I have some new superwash Merino worsted weight in the shop! They’re so squishy and soft and cuddly.




and my personal favourite…


more yarn!!

February 7, 2014

I put in a nice big order of squishy yarn so I will be back at the dyepot next week! Meanwhile, I have some beautiful Valentine’s colours up for grabs in my shop right now!

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